James Allen, PhD

James Allen
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SMed (DMed) 231

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University of Minnesota Medical School, Duluth Campus
1035 University Drive
Duluth, MN 55812

Titles & Organizations

Professor and Head, Department of Biobehavioral Health and Population Sciences

Member, Duluth Medical Research Institute

Graduate Faculty, Social & Administrative Pharmacy, College of Pharmacy

Awards & Recognition

  • Fulbright Lecturer/Research Fellowship, 2003-2004
  • Martin Mayman Award for Distinguished Contribution to Personality Assessment


Doctoral Degree
PhD, University of Montana (Clinical Psychology, APA-accredited), 1990

Bachelor's Degree
BA, University of Wisconsin-Madison (Psychology and History), 1984

Additional Education
Hutchings Psychiatric Institute, Pre-doctoral Internship in Clinical Psychology, APA-accredited,1989


I am a licensed psychologist with interests in individual and family therapy. Current work focuses on multilevel community intervention promoting for American Indian/Alaska Native, and rural community health.


Research Summary/Interests

Current studies explore the e?ectiveness of culturally grounded preventive strategies for suicide, substance use, and health promotion; youth and community level resilience; prevention of vascular risk; cultural issues in health services; and community based participatory research. For almost two decades our team has collaborated in a research relationship with Alaska Native community partnerships to discover Alaska Native pathways to sobriety and reasons for life as a positive framework for suicide and substance abuse prevention. We now are engaged in work developing and testing a cultural intervention for rural Alaska native youth grounded in these findings. We seek to establish the first evidence based practice for Alaska Native people through these NIMHD, NIAAA, and NIDA funded projects. Our team also participated in a collaborative NSF project describing the resilience strategies of circumpolar indigenous youth and the community resilience resources youth drew on, and an NINDS funded project on epidemiology of stroke and vascular risk in Alaska Native people. Other work studies how to train providers to provide health services to diverse cultural groups. While a Fulbright scholar at the University of Oslo, I developed an additional ongoing research interest in the experience of international refugees.

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Research Funding Grants

  • 6/21/13 – 1/31/16, National Institute of Health /National Center for Minority Health and Health Disparities, Qasqiq: Dissemination Using Yup’ik Indigenous Implementation Strategies, Multiple Principal Investigator
  • 9/01/13 – 8/31/14, Health Research and Services Administration, Health Careers Opportunity Program, Key Personnel
  • 07/01/2014 – 06/30/2019, Comorbidity: Substance Use Disorders and Other Psychiatric Conditions, Multiple Principal Investigator


Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications: see also: PubMed

  • Allen, J. (2014). Introduction to ecological description of a multi-level community based cultural intervention: Building prevention through collaborative field based research. American Journal of Community Psychology, 54, 83-90. doi: 10.1007/s10464-014-9644-4
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  • Dana, R. H. & Allen, J. (ed.), (2008). Cultural competency training in a global society. NY: Springer.

Conference presentations

  • Allen, J. & Gonzalez, J., American Indian Suicide. (June, 2014).Invited symposium presentation to the Collaborative Research Center for American Indian Health (CRCAIH) and the Center for Health Outcomes and Prevention Research (CHOPR) of Sanford Research2nd Annual Health Research Summit, Bemidji, MN.
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  • Wexler, L., Allen, J., Walkup, J., Cwik, M., Brockie, T. (May, 2014). Promising Areas of Research Focused on the Prevention of American Indian and Alaska Native Suicide. Symposium presentation at the Society for Prevention Research, Washington, DC.
  • Boden-Albala, B., Allen, J., Bulkow, L., Roberts, E. T., & Trimble, B. (May, 2014). Ascertainment of Alaska Native Stroke Incidence 2005-2009: The Alaska Native Stroke Registry.Symposium presentation at the American Academy of Neurology, Philadelphia, PA.
  • Lewis, J., & Allen, J. (April, 2014). Motivations for Sobriety among Alaska Native Elders. Poster presentation at the Alaska Native Health Research Summit, Anchorage, AK.
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  • Allen, J. (April, 2014). Community-Engaged Measure Development for Framing Questions about Culture in Interventions: Culture and Intervention–Measuring Outcomes. Invited presentation at The Way Forward: ACF Research with American Indians and Alaska Natives, Administration for Children and Families (ACF), Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation (OPRE), Washington, DC.
  • Allen. J., Ford, T., Oney, R., Kelly, M., Charles, B., Rasmus, S., Fok, C. C. T., Henry, D., & the People Awakening Team. (September, 2013).Comparative Effectiveness Trial of a Cultural Suicide and Alcohol Abuse Preventative Intervention for Rural Alaska Native Youth: How Intensive an Intervention is Necessary? Presentation at 2013 Native Children’s Research Exchange, Denver, CO.
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Academic Interests and Focus

  • I currently teach medical students in the areas of cultural competency training, population health, integration with behavioral health, and rural health. I have previously taught undergraduate lifespan developmental psychology, abnormal psychology, cross-cultural psychology, community psychology, and senior seminar, and graduate courses in rural psychology, multicultural psychological assessment, multicultural psychotherapy, ethnicity and family therapy, multicultural psychopathology, and community interventions for serious mental illness.