Duluth landscapeMission

The Department of Biobehavioral Health and Population Sciences integrates social and behavioral medicine training for rural family practice and for American Indian/Alaska Native physicians, with research in rural and Indigenous health, and community engaged service, to promote rural and Indigenous health equity.

The Department of Biobehavioral Health and Populations Sciences in Duluth is a community of faculty who come from multiple disciplines. We share a commitment to the creation of an enriching and supportive academic environment within which students pursue excellence in medical education. We also strive to create an environment where faculty and students can join in the generation of new knowledge through research. The department offers experiential and research training opportunities for medical students throughout their academic career in medical school.


In keeping with our mission, the Department of Biobehavioral Health and Population Sciences is devoted to excellence and to enhancing the broader mission of the University of Minnesota Medical School in teaching, scholarship, professional activities, and service.

We are devoted to

  • Promoting culturally and research informed training and education for medical students and students of other disciplines from undergraduate through post graduate programs
  • Conducting transdisciplinary collaborative research
  • Fostering professional activities that emphasize community engagement and clinical services with health care delivery systems, and with rural and tribal communities
  • Providing service in collaboration with colleagues throughout the University of Minnesota, complementary academic institutions, and national and professional organizations

Our mission will be furthered by elevating

  • Scope and quality of our training, research, and clinical-community programs
  • Intellectual, social, and physical resources and opportunities for staff, students, and faculty
  • Our vision extends to enhancing knowledge and health equity across Minnesota, the U.S., and globally, striving for equity and the benefit of all people.


Our mission and our work are guided by five core values:


We value honesty, ethics, and fairness in all our efforts

Social Justice

A concern for human rights and equality in health. As a community of scholars we are committed to the principles of inclusion, diversity and collaboration. We support health equity for all individuals, groups, and communities, while acknowledging the Indigenous peoples as traditional owners of Minnesota's lands.

Cultural Focus

Awareness of cultural processes and their influences on health

Responsibility / Accountability 

To each other and to the communities we serve


In our work, both individually and as a community of scholars