Educational Opportunities

Dr. Allen teaching

The teaching mission of the Department of Family Medicine and Biobehavioral Health within the Medical School is extensive and intertwined with course offerings in other departments.

Faculty members teach from the traditional areas of human behavior, community clinical medicine and experiences within the medical school curriculum.

This includes: 

  • Study of behavioral health and dysfunction
  • Human development as understood from the individual, family and sociocultural levels
  • Identifying major medical concerns from a case
  • Physical Exam Skills
  • Physical Diagnostic Skills
  • Gaining various clinical experiences in clinics, hospitals, operating rooms, labor and delivery departments, emergency departments and nursing homes. 

In addition, faculty members provide training in professional communication skills and the patient-doctor relationship, including psychosocial aspects of healthcare delivery and competencies in its cultural dimension, as well as medicolegal and ethical aspects of patient care.

As a faculty, we are also interested in social determinants of health and the social epidemiology and health demography of populations (particularly as it relates to health equity and services disparities). 

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