Meet our faculty and staff


Interim Chair


Associate Dean of Research

Associate Professors

Assistant Professors 

Research Assistant Professor

Adjunct Professors

Adjunct Associate Professors 

Adjunct Assistant Professors 

Clinical Instructor


Executive Secretary

  • Tracy Kemp 

Office Support Assistant

  • Margaret Herbert


  • Andrine Lemieux, PhD

Community Program Specialists

  • Natasha Jauss, BS

Research Professional 1

  • Annika Stone, BS
  • Nicholas Kuvaas, BS
  • Brandi Balmer, BS
  • Rebekah Dunlap, BS
  • Stephanie Wille, BS

Research Professional 2

  • Kaley Herman, BA
  • Angie Forsberg, BS
  • Soni R Uccellini, BS

Postdoctoral Researcher

Graduate Research Assistant

  • Hunter Schepper, BA
  • Miigis Gonzalez

Physician Assistant

  • Louise Curnow

Nursing Professional

  • Barbara Gay, RN